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*Full Name : Henry Sejong Keonho KIM ( Male)   / Legal name-Keonho  / Genealogy name-Sejong / Royal lineage-KIM(Gim)
*Wife : Susan Insuk Kim (descendants from King Su-ro KIM,  September 14, 1991 Marriage, Children Sion, Sinae)
*Website :
*Official e-mail :   / 


 [Official Position]

 HRH. Henry Sejong Keonho KIM
1.  Chairman of ISEA Foundation in Special Consultative Status of UN ECOSOC.
2.  Co-founder of Thefor and HSIO, UN5HANBANDO, ETC.
3.  Chief Graduate School of Life and Environment Science in Korea University and honorary doctorate degrees in Philosophy.
4.  The 70th bloodline of Kim Alji King, Royal Family of Silla Dynasty, 
5.  The advisory chief of the Private Mission of the 18th President of the Republic of Korea.
6.  The Chief of Unification Policies Group in National Alliance Committee of the 19th Presidential candidates of Republic of Korea.
7.  Advisory member of Government Administration in Presidential backup candidate Association of the Republic of Korea.


*Silla Dynasty : 70th generation descendants from Kim Alji King (BC 65)



  ( )  


* from BC 2300 :  Kim Alji King from Emperor Shun  (BC 2294~2184)
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*Nationality : Korea, Honor Citezen USA,  




 *-Dangjin Information High School (~1982) - 

 *-Mokwon Univ (Bachelor, 1986) -
 *-Mokwon Univ (Master, 1990) -
 *-Korea Univ (Graduation 2013) - 


*Other   Ph.D.,  Ed.D. ( by Youngji)  

*-Korea President's advisory mission to private representatives
*-Korea Presidential candidate Unification Policy Chairperson (by current president) 

*-Chairman of  ISEA (U.N. ECOSOS SCS)


*-ISEA Foundation  -
*-Human Survival International Organization -
*-U. N. ECOSOC Special Consultatus Status Organization -  




- MSGnet, MobiDollar, Silla

*-Writings Book Publishing - ( ReMake etc )
*-Development of the Coaching Program TMI Diagnostic Tool and first in Korea education system 
*-Life-respecting Instructor training and regular seminar at the National Assembly Hall 
*-Service - Haneul Angel -  

*-Block chain financial viability development and application of human rights system



 [Press and Internet Information note]

          " mobidollar isea or silla isea " 


 1.  mobidollar ISEA


 2.  isea MobiDollar


 3. silla+isea+mobidollar


   HRH Henry Sejong Keonho KIM


  Dec 31 2016


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