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Survival Human Rights 

MobiDollar & Mobicoins for Survival Human Rights

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MobiDollar Introduction

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The right to be provided of minimum amount of food which an individual must eat daily.



The right of patient to be transported to hospital to prevent a situation when a person in pain is left alone.



The right to communicate with family, friends, others, or organizations to prevent disconnection of communication



Individuals’ and organizations’ right to be provided of essential information regarding certain government, organization, product, or culture and participate for necessity.



The right to be provided of safe place to sleep.



The right to be provided with the freedom of movement and residence and to use means of transportation.



The right to be guaranteed of minimum educational opportunities for self-development and growth.


Survival Human Rights Protection and COVID-19 care fund by Blockclain Cryptocurrency of MobiDollar

“Survival Human Right” is different from just ‘Human Rights’ and also different from ‘Survival Rights’. “Survival Human Right” is the very basic rights that should be guaranteed for human beings to survive. Its ideology is clearly derived from the articles mentioned about human’s survival rights on U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The terminology and elements for ‘Survival Human Rights” have been agreed as one of resolutions during the resolution section in U.N. Geneva Conference by ISEA . For strengthening the survival human rights’ meanings, the Article 1, 2, 4, 25 and 30 on U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been used as reference.


 " The COVID-19 pandemic is more than a health crisis; it is an economic crisis, a humanitarian crisis, a security crisis, and a human rights crisis. This crisis has highlighted severe fragilities and inequalities within and among nations. Coming out of this crisis will require a whole-of-society, whole-of-government and whole-of-the-world approach driven by compassion and solidarity.

The UN Secretary-General has launched the UN Comprehensive Response to COVID-19 to save lives, protect societies, recover better." 

 " The fight against this virus emphasizes the folly of war. On 23 March, the Secretary-General appealed for an immediate global ceasefire in
all corners of the world to focus together on the true fight – defeating COVID-19. 

He called on warring parties in all corners of the world to pull back from hostilities to help create corridors for life-saving aid, open windows for diplomacy and bring hope to those who are most vulnerable. 

The call has resonated widely, with endorsements from nearly 180 Member States, as well as over 20 armed movements
and other entities, along with diverse regional organizations, religious leaders and a broad coalition of international and local NGOs and more than 800 civil society organizations.

 At country-level, United Nations envoys leading 26 Special Political Missions, and 13 peacekeeping operations have enhanced their engagement with all relevant parties to promote a ceasefire.

However, these tentative steps away from violence have been fragile, with many ceasefires now elapsing or being reversed. Meanwhile,
in a number of conflict contexts, the violence has intensified as the COVID-19 toll has continued to mount. Time is running out to act."

MobiDollar, the Crypto Currency Acquired Appropriateness as Key Currency, has been Presented at United Nations HQ, New York. 


At the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, 1 August, 2017, “Intergenerational Dialogues on the SDGs” was held, co-hosted by DPI and NGO/DPI Executive Committee. And during the conference, Block-Chain technology based virtual currency has been presented as a key currency model in the 4th industrial revolution era.


 The reason why the virtual currency, “MobiDollar” was able to be mentioned on this day was because of its issuing methodology based on “the value of equivalent”, which is the same principle that dollar substitutes the gold standard. In other words, the total amount of MobiDollar is limited based on Earth’s productivity that can provide for 120 billion people, called “Earth Productivity Equivalent Value”. This issuing method has never introduced on other previously issued virtual currency. Recently, Bitcoin or Ethereum have been considerably depreciated in value because they did not have concrete values-based method unlike MobiDollar. 


Moreover, the fundamental goal of ‘MobiDollar’ is to aim for applying auto-generated “Survival Money” system in order to practically targeting the first and second goal of the Sustainable Development Goals on 2030 Agenda; ‘No Poverty’ and ‘No Hunger’. And its goal was designed in order for global citizens, the first generation (30 years) to restore their authority to initiative, stepping along with UN’s 2050 Vision. That is why public ownership of currency has been declared. There was direct and potential support from the distinguished representatives of countries who attended on this issue. ......

In particular, since ISEA Foundation is not taken over to other large institutions like World Bank, IMF or UNCDF, but only to public authorities to take the initiative and produces publicly-owned system, there is no concern on financial dictatorship by any nations, governments or private corporations.


 Furthermore, there is one more reason why MobiDollar received support from the distinguished representatives of UN. By assigning the authority to control and management of ‘Survival Money’, which is based on newly conceptualized term, ‘Survival Human Rights’, to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) of UN, the opportunity to participate in this epoch-making solutions to poverty on this 4th industrial and financial revolution era is given to the NGOs. So not only the representatives of NGOs from the U.S. and Lithuania, but also Nigeria in West Africa, Turkey in Southwest Asia and Austria in Europe supported MobiDollar and signed on the resolution of Survival Rights and Survival Money. 


As this conference was hosted by UN DPI, ISEA Foundation presented the statements under the name of “High-Level Financial Technology Committee” as Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Special Consultative Status, soon after the resolution on MobiDollar Insurance during Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing on July 7th. Poverty issue was discussed during the morning session and technological innovation issue was discussed during the afternoon session.


On this day, Sion Kim, the representative of High-Level Financial Technology Committee, said “Representing our organization and South Korea, it is now time for us to pay back what we owed to UN and UN member states, who helped Korea fight for the war and reconstruct Korean Peninsula, that was collapsed by the war and supported Korea’s economy to grow to the 12th strongest GDP today, which was only $64 soon after the Korea War […] The fundamental point of 2030 Agenda and 17 Sustainable Development goals is “Leaving No one Behind”. Since 1990, UN has saved one billion people from extreme poverty, but still 800 million people are still left and waiting for us to save them.”...........


“As we all know, all financial resources are under the control of the state and financial institutions. However, in this 4th industrial revolution era, virtual currency has been introduced, which there are no owners. And multinational financial institutions and corporations from many countries have already developed virtual currencies and started becoming owners. .......

 “This is again the direction for mankind to turn themselves into financial slaves. Therefore, in accordance with the policies of High-Level Financial Technology Committee, ‘TheFor’ wants global technology developers, who share the idea of developing block-chain finance as a shared economic system, to participate with your heart to give the financial sovereign rights back to the general public in order to obtain UN’s Agenda. Unlike the previous industrial revolution eras, which did not share benefits and time saved by technological machine development, but put workers into longer working hours and unemployment, on this 4th industrial revolution era, Survival Money system will be implemented into the financial system itself and achieve UN’s the 1st and 2nd SDGs during 2030 and 2050 Agenda period. In the meantime, Mobidollar Release Adjustment Committee, which will be run for 30 years will be dismissed after successfully giving the financial sovereignty back to general public in the world.”


Finally, High-Level Financial Technology Committee, ....


UN ECOSOC SCS High-Level Financial Technology Committee for ISEA

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