What is S/L?

S/L ISEA:Servant-leadership Exchange Association

 The one who embraces Servant-leadership (S/L) knows how to feel happy with serving others, how to feel worthwhile by making others happy, and is able to show his capability to serve until others can feel worthwhile.
Furthermore, a Servant Leader knows how to sympathize with people around, but his/her goal is not always a success. A Servant Leader is the one who has realized that the goal has to be serving others.
In fact, success and worthwhileness are not the values that can be achieved by simply setting a goal, but they are sweet fruits produced from a tiny seed of serving the others. Also, these values are not the things that should be judged by people but should be evaluated by himself or herself from the bottom of the heart. 
Interestingly, serving is the opposite of winning. Although serving has been set as a goal, as soon as it becomes something to win over the others, the true meaning of serving will be disappeared like the mists.
In other words, those who do not serve others with a sincere heart will never know the true meaning of serving, and they would feel that their happiness and worthwhileness are like a barren desert. Therefore, Servant leadership (S/L) is the essential value of the one who truly knows how to feel happy with serving others

 - ISEA Foundation.
Founder/Chairman HRH Henry George Sejong Keonho KIM

ISEA Foundation, inc.

New York , USA 


GBFC was established during U.N. Conference in title of “Blockchain Finance Implementation for Poverty Eradication and Metropolis Policies” held by ISEA Foundation in Geneva U.N. in May 2019.  




​  * Purpose of foundation              

  • This foundation operates according to the ISEA international headquarters New York, to do this, we make connections between other individuals or organizations which works with Servant-Leaders serving their community or focused on Servant leadership.  Building other organization, raising leaders and expanding businesses in order to facilitate this aim.

  • This foundation is therefore composed of people who are Servant-Leaders, or  interested in Servant-leadership

   * Rules                                          


  • If you want to be part of this association, you need to turn in and application (individual or organization).

  • If you wish to attend to individual event of our association, you need to turn in an application.

  • Members of this association need to turn in their activity reports regularly.

  • Association can fire anyone who are not helping and damaging the foundation without a notice

  • Association runs as they entrust all the authority of certain duty to individual or organization