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This side event is held online due to the worldwide pandemic. We shared the topic and contents of each speaker’s presentation, received questions and prepared the answers in advance.

If you have any further questions about the event or presentation, please send them to We will select and answer some of the questions you sent.

Speaker 1 : Ms. Karol Arámbula
A universal Financial Support Model through Blockchain Technology /
Application of Survival Human Rights from young women's perspectives

Q. What benefits would a city or government get from your foundation’s blockchain financial MobiDollar system?
A.  They will be given the priority in the Mobidollar system. Let me give you an example. Those who have used smartphones before others got more benefits of development and more opportunities to appreciate the increasing value of advanced technology.Not only that, when the value of MobiDollar increases in other cities, the value of it will also increase. However, cities that try to participate after the value increases will have to pay a higher cost. That is why cities that first hold this currency means becoming the leader in the future financial hub and appreciating future values.


Q. As you said in the concept note, can the foundation provide higher accessibility to basic goods and services to more than 1 billion people, who have less digital access because they cannot be identified?
A.The United Nations checks unchanging identity information such as hair color, eye color, birth place, height, weight, etc., and then provides a participation pass. Likewise, what we need to do is to configure a system where we can issue and provide access to those who have provided personal information. The important part of this is not storing the key used for authentication and encryption in the server, but giving the private key to the user. It will be their own ID recognized anywhere in the world. The foundation is developing it as an ID card.


Speaker 2 : Dr Mina Ogbanga
The Importance of Digitalizing Information in Global Crisis
Digitalization of the public education sector as a core response to COVID-19, Experience from Africa


Q. You mentioned the seven elements of survival human rights that have been resolved at the Geneva UN conference. How can it be guaranteed and especially how can ‘Right to education’ be guaranteed?
A. Survival Human Rights guarantees basic income, not by policy, but by the technology that reflects the policy. In general, policies should be formulated after taking into consideration various environment related factors. However, Survival Human Rights serve as a basis of every kind of fundamental human rights. So, this is considered a ‘must’ because it is still essential even when the environment surrounding us changes and that is why we have applied the relevant policies to the Blockchain system as a financial technology in advance.


Q. How can Right to education be guaranteed through a financial system? 
A. Improvement of education quality and advancement of education delivery technology is possible by applying big data to digital platforms. The biggest problem with education imbalances is the cost. Education is the most common and innovative way to get out of poverty. So, in order to secure the cost of education, Right to education had to be included in the seven elements of Survival Human Rights. We needed to have MobiDollar resolved at the Geneva U.N so that it can be included in the financial system and applied globally.


Speaker 3 : Mr. Sri Tarapada Bhowmik
Digital Model Policy for Smart City in Accordance with Survival Human Rights / 
The case of India. Wastewater Treatment and Waste Reuse for Smart Cities


Q. Will MobiDollar’s value increase when new productivity is discovered?
A. That's right. The amount of newly-generated value will also be added to the value of the total Mobi Dollar, therefore increasing the value of each MobiDollar.


Q. Will the market reflect the changed productivity of the MobiDollar?
A. The market value will naturally reflect the increased productivity. Once people learn that there has been an increase in productivity, the value of the product and business area will increase, leading to a rise in the amount of payment and circulated currency.




Speaker 4 : Ambassador Emad Tareq Hamad
The Information and Support Plan of Medical Package for Eradication of COVID-19/ Direction of Productivity Sharing between International Trade and Domestic Development


Q.. Where can I request to use Mobi Dollar as a payment method? What process do I need?
A. Actually, you can ask MSGnet Releasing Adjustment Committee for Survival money as a free support fund. But the committee is still in the organizing process, so you need to request it from the ISEA Foundation. However, as for payment for international trade, you can request GBFC if you have a bank guarantee or sovereign guarantee.


Q.. Can you provide a platform that can be used as local currency in the city?

A. yes, In South Korea, the local governments have issued local currency and provided it as COVID-19 support fund. Mobicoins platform enables you to use local currency in just a few weeks, and also it will be provided under the condition that it guarantees survival human rights.




Speaker 5 : Dr. Diana Peterson
Community Resilience and Best Strategies in Policing/ 
The Areas of International Policing of Family Violence

Q. What is the difference between building a social safety net with blockchain and with centralized digital big data?
A. Centralized digital information has the risk of being hacked or forged, and serious human rights violations can occur due to the abuse of authority such as dictatorship. However, blockchains cannot be manipulated unless the party of the information allows the usage of their personal information, and even countries or governments cannot independently alter them. It is a secure identity guarantee because it is a distributed ledger system that can only be proved by universal recognition.

Q. The advanced techonology of digital finance has been applied to the Mobidollar project, but we now have to find ways for governments and cities to use it. Do you have any plans for that?
A. Because we need to provide global disaster support and NGOs' participation is very important in that regard, so we have provided survival money for the purchase of goods within specific regions. After the side-event, Mobidollar policy will be expanded and recommended to each city and government.

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