Certificate of membership ( English)

Certificate of membership ( English)


1. This certification is worth of 2,700 USD and can be used for enshrinement of body at the charnel house located in Seodaesan Memorial Park, South Korea. The member who has paid membership fee has the prioritized privilege of invitation to any events hosted by the organization. This VIP membership certificate is identified with the issuing number and sent via email.


2. A person who paid membership fee and registered as a member, receives a certain amount of MobiCoins (MBC) for free. Also, if a member wishes to use the certificate for enshrinement, he/she can pay the price with MBC to the organization.

(* MobiCoins can be used for exchange, purchase, sell, payment and transfer with other types of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum between users world-widely on www.MobiCoins.agency).


3.Once membership fee has been paid, it is not refundable although a member does not use the certificate for enshrinement purpose. Thus, a member must fully understand the rules of registration and the rights of members before purchasing membership certificate. (VIP membership of this certificate is for 3 years.)


  • Payment receipt

    QR Code receipt will be sent to your email that you used for registration.
    배송정보- 결제하신 분에게는 가입하신 이메일로 QR코드 영수증을 보내드립니다.