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ISEA : International Servant-leadership Exchange Association

Servant-Leaders ''Global Leadership in Service to and for Humanity. 

Servants of their Nations People, in their care''.


   * Purpose of foundation

  • This foundation operates according to the ISEA international headquarters New York, to do this, we make connections between other individuals or organizations which works with Servant-Leaders serving their community or focused on Servant leadership.  Building other organization, raising leaders and expanding businesses in order to facilitate this aim.

  • This foundation is therefore composed of people who are Servant-Leaders, or  interested in Servant-leadership

   * Rules


  • If you want to be part of this association, you need to turn in and application (individual or organization).

  • If you wish to attend to individual event of our association, you need to turn in an application.

  • Members of this association need to turn in their activity reports regularly.

  • Association can fire anyone who are not helping and damaging the foundation without a notice

  • Association runs as they entrust all the authority of certain duty to individual or organization


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