Metasmaty & GBFC
Metaverse Smart-city, Global Blockchain Finance Committee, MobiDollar fund , MobiCoins funds for Smart-city

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GBFC (Global Blockchain Finance Committee) is an organization collaborating to establish smart city network in which global citizens coexist happily by supporting funds through blockchain technology-based finance.

GBFC was established by the resolutions and votes during the conference held by ISEA Foundation in Geneva for 3 consecutive days under the theme of “Blockchain Finance Implementation for Poverty Eradication and Metropolis Policies” in Spring, 2019.

The resolutions for GBFC establishment were made by the 20 final voters among 219 participants from a variety of fields and locations from 110 cities of 48 countries, governments, mayors, private sectors and so on.

“MobiDollar Project” – the major GBFC blockchain finance project – aims to advance global citizen society and establish smart city guaranteeing Survival Human Rights such as eradication of poverty and zero-poverty by evenly distributing Survival Money generated based on earth productivity value standard with blockchain technology.

Agreement on the use of term, “Survival Human Rights”
The term, “Survival Human Rights” is different from “Human Rights” and “Survival Rights”. It means the very basic rights for human to survive.

Agreement to mount Survival Money System in Blockchain MobiDollar for Survival Human Rights

This means the elements of survival human rights will be applied to MobiDollar system; “Zero-hunger (Survival Money)”, “Sleep (Provision of Sleeping place)”, “Emergency Medical Service (Transfering patients to hospital in case of emergencies)”, “Movement (The right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state)”, “Communication (Free to call with family, friends and other person or organizations)”, “Education (For self-development and growth as a human being)” and “Information (About any government or organization, Products or Cultures that needs to be informed to individuals or institutions).

Agreement on the establishment of Global Blockchain Finance Committee (GBFC)
In order for MobiDollar to be successful quickly, a new committee with Experts of Blockchain technology and representatives of Blockchain technology industry will be established.

Focusing on these resolutions, achieving UN 2030 Agenda will be a goal of our foundation, and, in order to realize our goal, we will support the development of Smart Cities.