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COVID-19 mass treatment Success Case


The right of patient to be transported to hospital to prevent a situation when a person in pain is left alone.


There has already been the case where COVID-19 patients fully recovered during the COVID-19 collective treatment in Indonesia with Korean technology while a number of countries and institutions working on a new potential treatment which can possibly replace COVID-19 vaccine with.

8 Confirmed patients had been fully recovered in 11 days in a indonesian hospital, and with the following developed treatment, the infection cleared up within 3-4 days.



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World's data about COVID-19  - 

 but They have  COVID-19 Collective treatment Success Case

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reporter: This is correspondent Yang ju seok Sky Media in England. Firstly, there is the data where some confirmed patients recovered from COVID-18 within a short period. Could you tell us in detail? 

Although we wanted to confirm the data with the verification first in Korea, it couldn't be done in Korea since it was still in the process. But we have been requested by two countries. Attachment of related contents will be offered. 
One of the countries is Indonesia and the other one is India.  

Through the official diplomatic channel, we have been informed that the damage of COVID-19 has been serious, and we agreed to send medical device, technological, and workforce. 
Since Not only the situation is serious but also we have to put the safety of Koreans in Indonesia first, we’ve sent the device and, it has proved to help COVID-19 patients to recover three times.  

In the first case, two confirmed patients fully recovered within 7days. 
Although Chamhana Air Sterilization Purifier has been made for prevention of epidemics, however, through the use in the hospital, it has been confirmed that it is effective on COVID treatment 
The doctors and officials in Indonesia believed that Chamhana Air Sterilization Purifier is effective, so they started the treatment process 

Prior to taking about the second case, we’ve requested to conduct the collective treatment where several patients are put in the same space at once. 

Because COVID-19 is an unprecedented epidemic without any treatment case, doctors are cautious about collective treatment.  
This is because if patients of mild case stay with patients of serious case in the same hospital room, the condition of patients of mild case can be affected and it could make the situation worse.   
Accepting Indonesian doctors’ proposal, we’ve conducted the treatment, resulting that 7 out of 8 patients fully recovered within 9days and one elderly patient also recovered within 11days. 


The most crucial thing for COVID-19 patients is oxygen saturation. Normal range of it is from 96 to 100%
In every case, oxygen saturation returned to normal level within 4days. 


Once oxygen saturation increases, immunity will also increase, which prevents people from being infected  
In conclusion, 8 confirmed patients fully recovered in 9days (one elderly, 11days). Oxygen saturation returned to normal level within 4days.   

In third case, 2 people were under the treatment process, and one patient recovered within 3~4days. Even flu virus takes at least a week to clear up. Especially, it takes usually 1month to 3months for patients to recover from COVID-19, and it’s very painful.    
Especially, in this treatment, another noticeable thing was that people recovered without any serious pain. 

Ask me the next question please. 

The next question is that as you mentioned, people recovered within 3~4days. Do you think it is possible that a two week period of self-quarantine rule which every country follows can be shortened to 3 days? 

Because of COVID-19, international trade has been disrupted, which lead to global economic depression. To be more specific, a two week period of self-quarantine rule has a negative effect on economy.   

Now, a two week period of self-quarantine rule is not for the treatment but for the possibility of infected patients coming down with the symptoms.   

Based on the third case, even infected patients can do self-quarantine for 3days now that only three days are necessary for the treatment, which is expected to be helpful for the global and also internal trade. And it will eventually lead to economic recovery.


Cham Hana Technology Research Institute predicted that various malignant viruses will be caused by polluted land, water, and air in the future, and has been working on the research so far, killing germs and viruses from all malignant wastes in the air to eliminate odor. The quarantine technology that creates air self-cleaning ability is the core technology of the Korea Institute of Technology.

Indoor polluted air and bacteria flowing into the inside of this machine go through a micro ozone generator installed at the entrance, undergoing a primary sterilization process of strong bacteria, and a secondary sterilization process by a high-efficiency UVC UVC sterilization lamp with a short wavelength 250 ~260 260 260nm sterilization line. After that, the completely sterilized air was discharged.

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