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Greetings to everyone.


I appreciate our partners participating in the Roundtable on the 2020 World Human Rights Day. With blockchain finance, which started in 2015, and Survival Human Rights, which was resolved in 2019, I'm trying to solve the problem of the financial slave system and COVID-19.


COVID-19 crisis that changed the lives of all mankind has even changed our way of meeting. Fortunately, we can communicate with 86.6% of developed countries through Internet and digital technology, but 80.9% of the developing countries still have many difficulties. This is where the importance of the Right to Information, the seventh key element of the Survival Human Rights, comes to the forefront.


ISEA Foundation hosted a conference with the participation of IGOs, NGOs, and Governors with the approval of the United Nations in Geneva last May 2019


During the three-day meeting, 18 bills were passed including Survival Human Rights, MobiDollar, GBFC and Smart City.


The part where we have to recognize these missions has shifted its focus to the COVID-19 pandemic from December 2019. ISEA Foundation is quickly accepting companies that engage in preventing COVID-19 as its agencies and working together to provide people with the help they need.


Specifically, the Foundation has allowed some products to be paid in MobiDollar (or MobiCoins) up to 50% of the product price, among which are introduced in NAVER shopping mall that has 42 million subscribers in Korea. However, MobiCoins Wallet should be used to allow global coin payment.


Some of these mechanisms are specified in the United Nations General Assembly document "Survival Human Rights Protection and COVID-19 care fund by Blockchain Cryptocurrency of MobiDollar." And 10% of MobiDollar, declared as common currency, was allocated as a free support fund for Survival Human Rights. As part of the COVID-19 Care Fund, some amounts of coins have already been provided to the accounts of representatives from 200 organizations in 110 cities.


MobiDollar, just like CoVtoken, one of MobiCoins, can be used directly at Mobicoins Wallet for global payment, which is a way of promoting Survival Human Rights, thus making it more efficient and direct for consumers to reach products.


Nevertheless, we continue to develop technologies such as Smart ID Freepass to promote the Survival Human Rights of 1 billion people who do not have access to services due to lack of legal identity, and we need the cooperation from the United Nations.


Finally, the agency can produce and provide blockchain coins for each city and government to use as local currency in a short time. Part of the purchase fund for COVID-19 quarantine products (i.e., products of companies that have agreed to cooperate with the Foundation's policies) can be provided with MobiDollars, which are issued as a common currency, and MobiCoins that are linked with them.


The ISEA Foundation and civil society partners will join forces for governments and cities that strive for COVID-19 quarantine and Survival Human Rights.